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Fall HVAC Maintenance Checklist

Why Transitional Seasons Are the Best Times to Check Your HVAC System

HVAC systems endure the most punishment during the winter and summer, when property owners need to heat and cool their homes the most. Year over year, these systems wear down, parts deteriorate and fail, and performance suffers. It’s incredibly important for property owners to thoroughly check their HVAC systems on a regular basis, and the changing of the seasons is one of the best times to do it.

Spring and fall are generally the mildest times of the year for most of the country temperature-wise, and HVAC systems see low to moderate use during the fall and spring months. Spring is a good time to check your air conditioner’s duct system, but, if something goes wrong with your air conditioning over the summer, you’ll have plenty of alternative options to cool down like standing fans and wise use of ventilation. However, few homes have alternative heating options during the winter if the HVAC system were to break down. A fireplace can offer some relief, but it requires constant supervision.

Check Your Exterior HVAC Fixtures

Check around and on top of your home and look at the vents and rooftop units connected to your HVAC system. Clear away any leaves and debris that may block these fixtures to ensure your HVAC system and ventilate outdoors safely. Blockages can not only cause poor performance, but they may also allow ice to accumulate around your vents during the winter, leading to serious problems for your heating system.

Purchase High-Efficiency Air Filters


Most homeowners need to replace their HVAC systems’ filters several times each year, and fall is a great time to check your air filters. You’re going to rely heavily on your heating system this winter, so you want to make sure the system is not full of dust, bacteria, and microbes from mold and other hazardous materials. High quality air filters for your HVAC system will pull more particles out of the air and keep indoor air quality at its best during the time of year when opening the windows for fresh air simply isn’t practical.

Test Your System and Listen for Odd Noises


One of the best ways to check your heating system before the winter is to simply turn it on and listen carefully. If something is amiss, you should notice almost immediately. Strange noises happen because of blockages, equipment breakdowns, loose bolts, and other issues that can quickly turn into big problems once you start running the heating system every day.

Clean the Inside of Your Home, Especially Around HVAC Fixtures

Many Americans enjoy spring cleaning, but fall is an ideal time to prepare your home for the winter weather and ensure your HVAC system runs as efficiently. One of the best ways to ensure proper HVAC system performance over the winter is to keep dust inside the house to a minimum. That may be easier said than done, but dust, dirt, and debris from inside your home can enter your heating system, hurting its performance over the winter. Purchasing high-quality filters can help, as well as regular inspection from an HVC professional. Call Gillece Services for heater maintenance and repair in Pittsburgh today!