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Ensure a Safely Decorated Home This Halloween

Three Tips for Avoiding a Decoration Horror Show (In a Bad Way)

October is here, and the time is right for some fun and spooky home decorations. After all, decorating the home — both inside and out — is a great way for homeowners to take part in the good family fun that is Halloween. But before homeowners start decorating, there are some important things to keep in mind to ensure all electrical decorations are being used safely. With a little bit of preparation and a dash of knowledge, it’s easy to ensure that the Halloween decorations are being used safely to protect the home from electrical fires and other hazards.

Inspect All of the Electric Decorations

frayed wiresThere are a plethora of available Halloween decorations available on the market these days. From motion-sensing monsters that pop out of coffins or cauldrons to electrical Jack-o'-lanterns to fog machines, there are many unique ways to get the house Halloween ready. But before pulling the decorations out and setting them up, it’s important to make sure that they’re in proper working order by inspecting them.

Even decorations that have only been used once and put into storage are susceptible to certain faults. This is why it’s important to inspect all electrical decorations for damaged cords before plugging them in to test them. While testing, it’s a good idea to ensure that there are no faulty light bulbs or any other obvious issues.

Pay Attention to Where Decorations Are Plugged In

Once the decorations are good to go, it’s time to think about where they will be plugged in. There are some common guidelines that every homeowner should follow to avoid electrical hazards with outdoor decorations. The first is to make sure that any outlet being used for outdoor decorations is a GFCI outlet. These are easy to spot because they have the “Rest” and “Test” buttons between the two plugs. Testing them to make sure they’re functioning properly is also a good thing to do.

Most modern homes, provided they’re built to code, have GFCI outlets outdoors and throughout the house. Anyone who doesn’t have GFCI outlets installed outdoors should put off using those outlets until they can get them replaced with GFCIs. It’s also worth using a bubble protector over any exposed outdoor outlets, even if they are GFCI outlets.

Protect the Home and the Decorations with Surge Protectors

Surge protectorThe last tip for those wanting to decorate their home for Halloween is all about surge protectors. Most people are familiar with these handy power strips for use in the house, but they’re just as important outside the home. By plugging decorations into a surge protector, homeowners can protect their decorations from power surges, which can devastate sensitive electronics in less than a second.

But not all surge protectors are made for use outside. So it’s imperative that homeowners purchase and use only surge protectors that are rated for outdoor use. If a regular surge protector gets wet outside, it could stop working and do nothing to protect the electronic decorations from a power surge.

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