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Earth Day Tips for Greener Plumbing

Go Green with Your Home’s Plumbing

Warmer temperatures mean spring has sprung, and everything outside will be turning green. This is the perfect time of year to observe Earth Day. Earth Day is a time to look at habits that aren’t helpful to the environment and make beneficial changes. 

One opportunity that is often overlooked is in the plumbing of a house. Here is an Earth Day guide from local plumbers that can help homeowners make conscious choices about the eco-friendliness of their home’s plumbing. 


Start Saving Water

For decades, one focus of environmentally-conscious people has been water conservation on a grand scale. However, there are plenty of opportunities to save water right at the tap. Saving water reduces the amount of pollution that runs off into waterways, protecting aquatic wildlife. Here are a few ideas to get homeowners started:  

  • Water-saving toilets can reduce the amount of water flushed by up to 60%
  • Smart washing machines use up to six gallons less water than conventional washers
  • Touch faucets reduce flow and ensure water doesn’t get wasted by being left on
  • Low-flow showerheads reduce water from bathing by around 20%
  • Shower monitors and timers remind users to reduce water usage by reducing their shower time
  • Water-efficient dishwashers use as little as 4 gallons of water to wash a full load of dishes

Don’t Forget About Energy Efficiency 

water heater Eco-friendly plumbing isn’t just about saving water. It is also all about reducing the carbon footprint of plumbing with efficient appliances. The best places to reduce the carbon footprint of plumbing appliances are: 

  • Energy Efficient Water Heaters: Whether water heaters run off gas or electricity, there are always plenty of energy-efficient options. Look for models that are Energy Star rated. 
  • Tankless Water Heaters: Tankless water heaters are the best choice for reducing carbon footprints if they are compatible with the home’s existing infrastructure. Check with local plumbers to take advantage of these energy-saving devices that provide endless hot water at a low cost. 
  • Energy-Saving Appliances: Appliances like dishwashers and clothes washers use electricity. Buying and installing energy-efficient models saves water and reduces electricity usage. 

Energy-efficient appliances save money during operation, but most are also eligible for rebates when they are installed. Make an Earth Day purchase and start saving money today. 

Pick the Right Piping Material

One of the debates within the eco-friendly plumbing community is about the choice of piping material. One camp defends copper piping, the other claims that PEX is the better choice for the environment. To make an informed decision, homeowners need to understand what lies under these claims. 

Defenders of copper piping point to its extremely long service life and recyclability to justify its use. As a counterpoint, copper has a very high carbon footprint from its refining process, and it is mined with strip mining. Once copper piping is in service, it is a very good conductor of heat, making it preferable for hot water plumbing. 

PEX piping has a smaller carbon footprint but isn’t recyclable and is produced from petrochemicals. It’s expected to last as long as copper, but it’s only been approved for use for about 20 years. PEX uses few fittings and is cheap and easy to install in new buildings and retrofits. Most plumbers recommend a combination of copper and PEX in homes. 

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