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3 Great Tips for Unclogging a Kitchen Sink Drain

How To Fix a Kitchen Sink Clog in 3 Ways

No one wants to deal with a clogged sink drain. There is a smell that kitchen sinks produce with time because of the amount of waste that backs up. Instead of focusing on unclogging a kitchen sink slowly, homeowners should try and fix the problem as soon as possible.

If the clog is severe, this can lead to a rise in water levels and waste which can damage the floor, furniture, and the cabinets underneath the kitchen sink. Listed below are three unique ways to fix a clogged kitchen sink drain.

boiling water

Boiling Water in the Drain

While pouring boiling water down a drain does help with drain clearing, it is not a 100% foolproof idea. Sadly, it does not work all the time but can be used as a temporary solution. When homeowners notice that the water in their kitchen sink is draining slowly, boiling water does the trick.

Boil water for a minimum of twenty minutes. Pour it down the drain once the water is hot enough to produce steam. When it comes to drain cleaning, boiling water can also remove the stickiness and push against the food and residue stuck on the pipes.

However, if the kitchen sink is already rising with water, boiling water won’t do anything but provide more water to the sink!

baking soda



Baking Soda and Vinegar for Maintenance

Baking soda and vinegar create a unique reaction that is strong. Interestingly enough, the reaction is so strong that it can eat through a chicken bone over time. Pour baking soda into the kitchen drain, and then add the vinegar quickly.

Step back and watch the two substances react together as a DIY drain cleaning technique. When they react together, it cleans the inside of the pipes underneath your sink, which can easily take away any sticky or thick foods left behind.

Instead of only using this technique when homeowners notice the water in their sink is building up, it should be preventative maintenance.

Contact Professional Kitchen Plumbing Companies

When kitchen drains are too clogged, it is best to leave the services to a professional drain cleaning company. They have many years of experience, the right tools, and time to take care of the problem. Homeowners can contact their local plumber for more information.

These plumbing experts will be able to use tools like an auger, snake, and hydro jet to address the problem, depending on the severity of the clogged kitchen drain. Drain snakes simply reach into shorter pipes and take out any hair or trapped food causing the clog.

If the clog is too deep, it may be necessary to hydro jet the kitchen sink drains. Professionals use a large container with high pressured water to blast out any clogs. It can damage the pipes if not done safely.

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