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Preparing Your Home for the Fall Season

Preparing home for the fall season After a long hot summer, we are all looking forward to the fall season. From pumpkin spiced coffee to the cooler weather, fall is one of the best seasons here in Pittsburgh. But before you get wrapped up in football season, make sure your home is prepared for the fall season.

GuttersWith all the wind and rain this summer, your gutter needs a good cleaning before fall arrives. Even more, rain will be coming with the fall season and as the leaves fall it will create quite the mess in your gutters, so cleaning them out now will make things easier in the long run. You’ll also want to reinforce the brackets on the gutter to make sure it can handle all of the excess weight.

WindowsThe Farmer’s Almanac is calling for an extremely harsh winter so you’ll want to keep any and all cold drafts out of your home by reinforcing the windows. Caulk around the edges of the windows if necessary and install storm windows for extra protection against the bitter winds. While the weather is still warm repair any torn or ripped screens from further damage during the winter.

Garden ToolsHave you been meaning to replace your rake or tune up the leaf blower? The end of summer is the best time to make sure all your fall gardening tools are in good shape and intact. Even take the time to stock up on garbage bags for all the leaves in your front yard this fall.

FurnaceSoon you’ll be turning on the furnace before you know it. Take this time to clean both the inside and outside of the furnace. Replace the filter as well; this will give you a warmer home and cleaner air. Don’t forget to schedule an annual tune-up for your unit.

PlumbingRepair all leaky faucets before the temperature begins to drop. Doing this now will save you time and money. Having a faucet that’s leaking increases the chances of your pipes freezing. If you live in an area with hard water, you should drain your hot water heater. Hard water allows sediments to collect in your hot water heater so it is good to flush it out annually. While flushing your hot water heater, inspect it for rust. If you need to replace your hot water heater, now is the time to do so – you don’t want to be without hot water in January.