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Poured Grease Down Your Drain? Here’s What You Need to Do

We often do as much as we can to avoid a clogged drain. But just like anything, accidents happen and grease manages to get down the drain and cause an inconvenient problem. However there is a way to fix this problem and prevent it from happening in the future.

Signs it’s cloggedThere are some obvious signs to look out for that will show when your drain is clogged with grease:

  • Water drains slowly
  • Gurgle sound
  • Bad odor
  • Sink backs up

What to doIf you pour grease down the drain, you want to take action immediately. First pour very hot water down the drain. Next, you should pour a mixture of vinegar and baking soda down the clogged drain. This is a natural cleaner that won’t harm the drain like chemical cleaners.

Action can be taken even after your drain is clogged. Again, pour hot water down the drain along with the vinegar and baking soda. If this doesn’t work, try some sort of liquid toilet clog crusher or putting a snake down the drain. Avoid using liquid clog crushers as much as possible and for emergency use only as they are harmful for the drain. Should none of the following work, call a plumber to get your sink back in working order.

How to prevent itObviously this can be prevented by not pouring grease down the sink. Pour all grease into a can or glass jar and dispose of it in the garbage. Every few months, fill your sink all the way up with extremely hot water and let it drain, this will help clear bits of grease and other particles. You can also pour vinegar and baking soda down the drain once a month to clean it as well.