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Plumbing Noises That May Be a Cause for Concern

Plumbing noise Have you ever heard a strange sound when using your water at home that makes it seem like there’s a creature lurking in your pipes? Loud noises coming from your plumbing might be trying to tell you something. While some plumbing noises are inevitable, others may be a cause for concern.

Faucets and Water Hammer
If you hear a hissing sound when a faucet is open, it could be an indication of excess water pressure, which is a common cause of plumbing sounds. A pressure reducing valve might do the trick.

On the other hand, a screeching sound when a faucet is turned on, that usually disappears when the valve is fully opened, could indicate loose or defective internal parts. You may have to replace the affected fixture in this case.

A banging noise when a faucet is turned off is referred to as a “water hammer,” which is one of the most common plumbing noises. This happens when the flow of water suddenly stops and pressure within the water has no place to go. High water pressure is usually involved, which can be addressed with a pressure reducing valve in most cases. Water hammer can be a problem because it can damage connections within the pipe.

Exposed Pipes
If the sound leads you to an exposed pipe, you might find loose pipe hangers that are used to hold the pipes in place. The hangers or straps should be tight but with enough room for the pipe to slide freely. Tightening or loosening the straps as needed could solve the noise problem, or you may need to apply foam insulation.

Plumber’s Expertise
If you can’t quite figure out where the plumbing noise is coming from, call a plumber to do some investigating. Gillece Plumbers can help with all of your plumbing problems and strange sounds to determine whether they are normal or need addressed. Then you won’t have to wonder what is going on when you hear those loud or eerie noises resonating through your walls again.