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Never Burn Yourself Again! How to Install an Anti-Scald Valve

We’ve all been there, taking a nice relaxing shower and then suddenly being scalded by hot water due to someone in the house flushing a toilet. Scalding water is painful, harmful to your skin and especially dangerous for children. Get control over your shower and determine how hot the water can get by installing an anti-scalding valve.

  • Before you get started, turn off the water supply to the shower you’re installing the new anti-scald valve on.
  • Remove the handle and the escutcheon (the metal plate which is behind most handles in the shower).
  • Using a ruler or measuring tape, measure the distance between the outside of your shower and the pipes in the wall. This distance will make picking out an anti-scald valve easier.
  • You’ll need to get behind the wall in order to reach the valve. Usually there is a hole that serves as an access point. If there is not an access point, make one by cutting a small hole in the wall.
  • From there, you’ll need to remove the shower arm and tub spout. After you’ve cut the supply lines, remove the faucet valve and piping.
  • Solder the connections and using pipe straps, secure the valve and pipes.
  • Once you have your new anti-scald valve, start the installation process from inside the shower. First install the escutcheon plate and set the anti-scald limiter.
  • Next, install the handle, tub spout and shower arm.
  • Be sure to test the anti-scald valve to be sure it is installed and working properly.
  • In order to control how hot the water temperature can get, remove the handle and adjust the water temperature using the rotational stop.

Congratulations, you’ve just installed your anti-scald valve! Enjoy never getting scalded by hot water again, shower on peacefully.