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For safe and reliable home electrical services in Murrysville, call Gillece!

A problem with your electrical system puts you, your building, and valuable appliances in danger. If you suspect any part of your electrical system is defective, contact our team at Gillece Services for fast and reliable solutions in Murrysville, PA.

Murrysville, PA Electrical Services - Gillece Services

Our experienced and qualified team has over four decades of experience providing all manner of electrical services, including but far from limited to:

  • Safety inspections
  • Outdoor and indoor lighting
  • Home rewiring
  • Switch and electrical outlet repair or replacement
  • Generator installation
  • Electrical service panel upgrades

Before providing you with services, we’ll perform a thorough assessment to diagnose any electrical issues and determine the best solution for lasting results. We aim for a quick turnaround on every job and always prioritize our customer’s safety and convenience.

Read our five-star customer reviews from your neighbors, then give us a call to experience our exemplary services yourself.

Upgrade Your Electrical System

Your electrical system may be due for an upgrade if your:

  • System has electrical code violations.
  • Wiring or circuit box is over four decades old.
  • Connections can't provide enough power to run your appliances.
  • Home has water or fire damage.

We can provide you with whole-home rewiring, which involves taking out your old electrical connections and replacing them with safer ones. We also perform AFCI and GFCI outlet installation to bring buildings up to code.

An AFCI breaker prevents arc-faults, while a GFCI receptacle prevents ground faults. Both are necessary for reducing the risk of a house fire or electrical-related accident. An electrical panel upgrade may also be necessary if your current system can’t meet your present power demands.

24/7 Emergency Electrician at Your Service

If you notice any of the following around your home, contact us immediately for emergency electrical repairs in Murrysville:

  • Frequent tripped breakers or blown fuses
  • Light fluctuations or blinking
  • The smell of burning plastic
  • Sparks or shocks every time you plug or unplug a device
  • Rising energy bills even though your power use has not changed.
  • Buzzing sound around electrical connections.
  • Cover plates are hot to the touch or emitting smoke.

Our team is available around the clock to deliver breaker panel repair, outlet repair services, and more. If repairing the problem won’t guarantee lasting results, we can offer quality replacement options.

For more about us and our 24/7 electrical repair services, please get in touch with us.

Keep the Power on Even in an Outage

Extreme weather and other factors can cause power outages that last hours or even days. Contact our team at Gillece Services for a whole-home generator that will provide enough electricity to run all your appliances.

As a leading local electrical contractor, we perform every standby generator installation with products from top brands that offer impressive warranties. We have options to fit every budget, including gas-, propane-, and diesel-powered generators, and can install the necessary wiring to distribute power from the generator to your various outlets.

Are you worried about the cost of installing a whole-home generator? Our financing options make paying for services hassle-free.

Call Gillece Services at 412-831-6199 today to schedule electrical services you can count on in Murrysville, PA.