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Mold and Mildew Can Be a Serious Threat to Your Health

Mold and mildew - a serious threat Mold and mildew. When you think of your family’s safety, these are some of the last two words that come to your mind. Usually you’re worried about their safety at their friend’s house, when they’re on the bus and pretty much anytime they are out of your site. But their health can be at risk right in your very own home simply by breathing.

Mold and mildew can be a serious threat to both your physical and mental health. There are many toxins that are produced by mold and mildew and are harmful to breathe in. They can cause various colds, virus, flues, headaches and even respiratory problems. Scientists have found that toxic mold has been known to cause depression.

Not all mold and mildew are toxic, but it’s impossible to tell the difference just by simply looking at it. Mold can be even trickier because it often grows in locations you can’t even see. Calling in a professional to test your indoor air for mold and mildew can end up being costly and timely.

However, large hardware stores are now selling at home mold testing kits. You can now use the same technology that is used in schools, hospitals and in the workplace to test the air quality of your own home.

There are various kits to choose from all ranging under $100. They come with various impressive features:

  • Reusable air testing pumps
  • Technology that notifies you if mold is present
  • Lab results that includes tips and next steps
  • Five minute sample time
  • Three day lab results

The best way to deal with mold and mildew is to prevent it from growing at all costs. Mold thrives in a warm, wet, damp and humid environment, this is why it is commonly found in the bathroom and basements that have experienced or is prone to flooding. To prevent mold from growing, you need to eliminate the humidity from these places. You can install an exhausts fan in the bathroom and install a French drain in the basement.