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Lead Pipe Concerns in Western PA

It is difficult to imagine what the citizens of Flint, Michigan are going through. Ever since the city decided to use the water from the Flint River, the repercussions have been tragic. Instead of using their tap water for cooking, bathing, washing and drinking, the people of Flint are forced to use bottled water due to the significantly high lead levels in their water. More importantly, many children of the city have above average lead levels in their blood which can effect brain development, cause behavioral changes, anemia, hypertension, renal impairment, reproductive organs and the nervous system – all of these symptoms which are irreversible.

With the city of Flint in a state of emergency and their children suffering from the lead exposure, it is only natural to be concerned about what is really coming out of our tap water.

Lead in your water is a very serious and dangerous problem. You cannot smell it, see it or even taste it. You and your family could be consuming it daily from your tap water and not even know it. In light of the lead water tragedy in Flint, Michigan, the citizens of Western Pa. should take caution as well when it comes to lead in their tap water.

If you think the water of Western Pa. is free of lead, think again, because lead has been found right here in Pittsburgh.

Green Tree resident, Aaron Miller, discovered that his home where he lives with his wife and two dogs has lead pipes.

It’s likely that Miller’s home is not the only house in Pittsburgh with lead pipes. With over 35 years of plumbing experience and knowledge under his belt, Tom Gillece, plumber and CEO of Gillece Services, verifies this solemn information.