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Last-Minute Halloween Decoration Ideas

With only five days left until Halloween, you might find yourself running out of time to decorate your home. No need to run to the store to buy overpriced decorations, there are items around your house you can use to make your own easy and unique Halloween decorations.

ghost decorationTomato Cage Ghosts – If your home isn’t already being haunted by Casper, make your own ghosts to spook up the place. All you need for this creative decoration is a tomato cage, white Christmas lights and construction paper. Take the white Christmas lights and weave them through the tomato cage and make sure the plug is located at the bottom the tomato cage for easy access to the outlet. Next, take the white sheet and throw it over the tomato cage, tucking the excess sheet under the tomato cage. Lastly, take the construction paper and make a pair of eyes for your ghost and attach them to the sheet using masking or duct tape. Plug in your ghost and watch him light up the place!

eyes decorationEyes in the Bushes – What’s more scary than walking up to someone’s house and seeing a pair of eyes staring at you from the bushes? You can create this spooky decoration with just a paper towel roll and a glow stick! Take your saved paper towel rolls and draw a pair of evil eyes on them. Using scissors or a utility knife, carve or cut the eyes out like a jack-o’-lantern. Snap the glow stick to make it turn on and tape it to the inside of the paper towel roll. Place your masterpiece in the bushes making sure only the glowing eyes are visible. Now let the scaring of your guests begin!

hand decorationBloody Handprint – This is a great idea for those of you who have waited until the last minute but still want to create a chilling atmosphere. For the bloody handprint all you will need is red poster paint and of course, your hand. Take the poster paint and put a decent amount of paint onto a paper plate. Take your hand and put it in the paint, completely covering the palm of your hand. Make a hand print on mirrors and windows. This poster paint is easily removed using soap and water or window cleaner. To make the bloody hand print even scarier, use the tips of your fingers to make the occasional streak marks among the handprints. Your guests just might hesitate before entering your home.

These fun decorating tips will make your home spookier and create a fun Halloween atmosphere. You’ll also keep money in your wallet and avoid tacky decorations from the store. Your guests will be impressed and inquire about your unique decorations. Happy decorating!