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Keep the Plumber Away This Easter Sunday

Keep the Plumber Away This Easter Sunday With Easter just around the corner there’s no doubt you’re getting a jump start on preparing your home and meals for the early holiday this year. Stuffing candy into eggs and cooking the perfect ham will be keeping you busy. Meal preparation and children’s activities shouldn’t be the only items on your list – adding your kitchen and bathroom drains to the list will prevent you from having to call a plumber on Easter Sunday.

KitchenUnlike other holidays, colorful hard boiled eggs are one of the primary snack and dinner foods. With so much company over, everyone will be munching on these eggs. Be sure to instruct your guests to put the egg shells in the trash and keep them out of the sink. Egg shells are not good for your garbage disposal.

It is also a good idea to keep your strainer in the sink at all times while you’re preparing Easter dinner. Unwanted food and debris have a way of making their way down your drain while you’re rushing around the kitchen. The strainer will help prevent any clogs from happening and will keep you from having to call a plumber.

BathroomYour bathroom will be getting a lot more use than usual. Extra guests mean extra trips to the bathroom. Although some toilet clogs are unavoidable, you can help prevent the majority of plumbing clogs. Be sure to keep extra toilet paper on hand and in sight. Provide cloth hand towels for guests to dry hands and keep paper towels out of the bathroom to prevent them from being flushed.

Do you have any babies in the family? If so, encourage the baby’s parents to not flush any flushable baby wipes down the toilet. They might say “flushable” but they will most definitely clog your drain.

If you don’t have any strainers in your tub or shower you should purchase one before your overnight company arrives. Those who already have one should take the time to clean their strainer. A strainer helps prevent hair, toothpaste, soap scum and other unwanted debris from going down your drain and creating a clog. A dirty one however, will slow the water from going down the drain.

Despite your efforts in preparing for a clog, you might still experience one. Should you experience a clog or any other plumbing problem on Easter, call Gillece!