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Increasing the Value of Your Home Through Proper Maintenance

If you live in an older home that could use some updates and upgrades, from a fresh coat of paint to new cabinets or fixtures, and you’re looking to sell your home in the future, you’ve probably thought about completing a couple of remodeling projects to make your home more attractive or functional. While certain improvements can help to increase the value of your home and its resale appeal, especially popular kitchen and bathroom updates, you may want to consider starting with the basics if you are really looking to add value. The first place that experts recommend starting when making home improvements is with proper maintenance.

Proper Maintenance of Major Systems
Before taking on an aesthetic improvement or adding extra space, you should address anything that needs taken care of within your home’s major systems, according to realestate.com,

Major home systems include plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling, and in an older home could mean outdated pipes or electrical wiring and an old, inefficient furnace and air conditioner. It’s important to know exactly how all of the essential systems in your home are functioning and which areas need attention. Gillece Service Technicians perform whole house inspections to look for signs of existing or potential issues and to check for the proper working order of all important systems.

Upgrades, Repairs and Replacements
Common areas in your home that may need an upgrade, repair or replacement include pipes and sewage systems, wiring, roofs and windows, heating and air conditioning units, siding, and drainage systems. If your pipes are leaking or causing sewer backups, your electrical wiring is faulty, you have a leaky roof or drafty windows, or other issues that could lead to damage or more serious problems, then you might see why it’s important to fix them before making any cosmetic improvements. A new and attractive bathroom may be ideal, but if your plumbing is functioning poorly, the overall condition of your bathroom could be jeopardized.

Maintaining a Sound Structure
Whether or not you are planning to sell your home in the future, it’s important to ensure that the overall structure of your home is sound, from the foundation to the roof. If you have water problems or have experienced leaks in the past, you may be in need of a new drainage system or waterproofing solution to prevent or control unwanted water entry, especially in your basement. One of the best ways to protect the structural integrity of your home and to maintain its value is by ensuring it stays dry. Gillece Waterproofing offers solutions to suit your home’s specific needs and can help you get started with a free evaluation.

Ensure Proper Maintenance with Gillece Services
If you are considering beginning a home improvement project, experienced Gillece Technicians can help ensure all of the inner workings of your home are in good shape before you start and address any fundamental issues, helping to increase your home’s value and protect its condition. We are here to take your call and come to your home 365 days a year- nights, weekends and holidays. Call Gillece!