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If You’re in Need of an AC Fix, Call for Cooling Services

This time of year, many people are in need of cooling services for their home, especially when temperatures climb alongside humidity. When your air conditioner breaks, we know that you want service with a sense of urgency and repair that accurately takes care of the problem. That’s part of the reason why we offer emergency, maintenance, repair, and replacement services for your central air, heat pump, or thermostat. With over 30 years of cooling experience, our goal is to help you stay cool and safe throughout a Pittsburgh summer.

HVAC Cooling Technicians you can trust
When you call us for service, you can bet that only the best and most experienced HVAC technician will be sent to your home to take care of your problem. All of our technicians are skilled in their particular area of service and continually trained to stay on top of the latest industry trends as well as their individual talents. When you schedule a service, you can also opt to have a brief technician bio and picture sent to your email address so that you know exactly who will be arriving at your home and a little bit about them, such as how long they’ve been in the industry and what they like to do outside of work. We want you to be comfortable inviting any of our technicians into your home and confident in the services that they will provide.

Service you can depend on
Gillece has been helping homeowners throughout Western Pennsylvania with their cooling problems as well as heating, plumbing, and electrical for more than 30 years. And because we’re always open- 24/7, 365- you can count on us to be there no matter what time of day or week that you need us. Regardless of the season or the issue your home is having, we can provide the service you need and a talented technician to get the job done. Call Gillece!