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Hydro-Jetting or Snaking?

Hydro-jetting - Gillece Services

A slow or blocked drain won’t get any better on its own. You’ll need to take action -- and soon!

To clear your drains, a plumber will either snake or hydro-jet the pipe. Either will get the job done, but only one approach will clean your drain so that it performs like new.


If you have a serious clog and want to get it under control for good, hydrojetting is the way to go. This method uses a powerful water jet to blast away anything that is clogging your drain. Grease build-up, non-biodegradable material, not even tree roots stand a chance against 4,000 pounds-per-square-inch of water pressure.

What makes hydrojetting so effective, however, is also the thing that could endanger your drains. Before hydrojetting, a professional plumber will conduct a video inspection of the drain to determine if it can withstand the force. Old and fragile pipes won’t qualify.


Snaking uses a long cable that busts up obstructions as it coils down the pipe.

This approach makes sense if your drains are not badly clogged or if you have weak pipes. If you use snaking for your clogged plumbing system, remember that it won’t be able to remove tree roots.

Which is Best?

Both are effective at clearing clogs. However, hydrojetting will clean your drain as opposed to snaking, which only clears a path through the build-up. An experienced plumber will consider the condition of your drain and walk you through your options.

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