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How to Stay Safe and Cool During a Summer Heat Wave

Stay safe and cool on summer heat wave Throughout the Northeast, temperatures have risen into the 90s along with high humidity, bringing on a serious summer heatwave. While it might seem like a good time to soak up the sun or hit the pool, heat waves can be a dangerous part of summer for many people. In time for this summer’s heat wave, here are some ways you can stay safe and cool:

1. Seek Relief Indoors

The best way to ensure that you won’t become overheated outdoors is to stay inside and wherever air conditioning is available. Properly functioning central air in your home, set at a comfortable temperature, will keep you and your loved ones safe when it feels like a hundred degrees outside. Seeking relief in public buildings is also a good idea if you do not have air conditioning at home, such as at libraries, malls, movie theaters, or cooling centers in your community.

2. Keep the Sun Out
Turning on as few lights and appliances as possible during the day, as well as drawing blinds and curtains, can help to keep your home cooler and potentially allow you to raise your thermostat a few degrees to save energy.

3. Drink Water
Even if you aren’t very thirsty, it’s important to drink water frequently when it’s hot out, especially if you are spending any time outside.

 4. Go Easy Outdoors
Any outdoor activities should be handled with care and minimal physical exertion. Wear plenty of sunscreen, protective sunglasses and/or a wide-brimmed hat, while making sure to drink plenty of water.

Anyone can be affected by extreme heat, but it’s especially important to make sure elderly adults are kept cool as well as pets, young children, and anyone with a health condition. In the case of a summer heat wave, it’s best to stay inside and play it safe!