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How to Solve Uneven Home Cooling Issues

Sometimes homes can suffer from uneven home cooling. Although when we buy a central air conditioning system, we expect that the system should keep your entire home cool, overtime some facts may reduce a system’s ability to cool your entire home evenly.

So what should you look for if your home seems to have this problem?

  • Air VentsIf you feel like a certain room or area in your home is not as cool as another, check to see if any of your vents are blocked or dirty. Vents are commonly blocked by furniture or another object. If dust and debris build up, you can easily vacuum them with an attachment to clean the vent. You can also redirect air by partially closing the vent so that the air is directed a certain way.
  • Thermostat FanYou can toggle the fan switch on your thermostat from ‘auto’ to ‘on’. The newer your thermostat is, the more fan control settings it most likely has. If you are having uneven air problems, turning the switch to ‘on’ can help because the system’s fan will stay on and continue to circulate air even after the system cooling cycle turns off. The ‘auto’ fan only runs when the outdoor unit is on and actively cooling the home. The only downside to that is that running the fan will add to your electricity bill every month (around $5-$20 extra).
  • Air DuctsAnother source to an uneven air problem in your home is your air ducts. There can sometimes be an air leak present within your duct system. This means that air will never make it to its destination. Leaks, holes and tears in the ducts will also make your central air system working harder to try to make up for the missing air. If you think this might be your problem, call Gillece today and we will send a technician to check it out!
  • Attic InsulationYour attic and its insulation serve to keep the cool air in and the hot air out. Sometimes if you think your home is having a hard time staying cool, it might be because the quality of insulation in your attic is lacking and you won’t be getting the full benefit of your central air system.

If you are still unsure of what your problem could be, call Gillece today! We will send out one of our very best technicians to assist you and fix your uneven home cooling issues so you and your family can stay cool all summer long.