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How to Properly Light Your Living Room

Do you wish your living room looked more cozy and inviting? There’s no need for new paint or different furniture, change what your living room says just by adjusting the lighting! Altering the lighting has the potential to change the entire atmosphere and is much cheaper than a living room makeover.

When lighting your living room there are three things you want to consider; general lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. These layers of lighting all work together to create the warm environment you want.

General lightingThis refers to the basic lighting of the room. You want your living room to have one central light that is the focus of the room. This can be a pendant or chandelier, just make sure this focus fixture is appropriate for the space, not too large or too small. In addition to this focus piece, you want your living room to have surrounding lights along the walls. These fixtures should be angled away from the TV to avoid a glare. It is also very important to make sure any overhead lights shine on the coffee table rather than on the couches or chairs. A light shining directly on a person’s head can be very uncomfortable.

TaskIf you use your living room for reading or working, it’s important to have proper lighting that can accommodate these tasks. Placing small lamps in between chairs and couches will provide enough light but at the same time won’t be too over powering.

AccentAccent lighting should be done in small doses. Small lamps on end tables will give the coziness you want the room to have. Overhead lighting on portraits or pieces of art adds a nice warm glow and illuminates your favorite pieces. What you don’t want to do is over light the room; too much light can be overwhelming.