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How to Prepare for Winter in Pittsburgh

Winter is coming The Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a winter much like last year. Our area is predicted to be “snowy and unseasonably cold.” Although there is no way to prevent the cold and snow from coming, there are ways you can prepare for the winter season.

Restock Weather Essentials – Even though the leaves are still falling, it is important to stock up on all cold-weather essentials now. Be sure to purchase; salt, snow shovels, and window scrapers. Being prepared now will save you time and a headache later.

Check Your Winter Equipment – Don’t wait for the first big snow to find out your snowblower isn’t working. Make sure your snowblower is running okay and inspect all other equipment you might have.

Drain Irrigation Systems – Any water left in your outside spigots or irrigation systems will freeze and cause damage. Remember to turn off outside spigots, irrigation systems and drain them as well.

Inspect Chimney – If you haven’t done so already, have your chimney inspected and cleaned if necessary. This will rid your fireplace of any unwanted ashes or other debris. For those who do not use their open fireplace for heat, consider investing in a glass door to keep the cold air out and the heat in.

Furnace Tune-Up – Just because it’s December, doesn’t mean it is too late to have your furnace inspected. Having a furnace tune-up will improve the performance of your furnace and give you cleaner air.

Avoid emergencies during the cold weather and follow these tips. Taking action now could save you money and having frozen hands later.