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How to Keep Heating Costs Low this Winter

Keep heating costs low this winter The Farmer’s Almanac is calling for some very chilly weather this winter. Winter is already one of the most expensive seasons with the holidays so the opportunity to cut costs on your heating bill is definitely a must. Prepare for winter and find out how you can keep your heating bill low this winter.

Air filterThe air filter should be changed every 30 days. The easier warm air can pass through the filter, the faster your home will be heated, thus your unit will not run as much and save you money on your energy bill. Regularly changing the air filter will also decrease the chances of your unit from short cycling which can lead to costly problems.

Eliminate draftsReducing cold drafts in your home will keep the cold out and prevent your heat from escaping. Beneath all doors that lead outside, place a draft door stopper – perfect for keeping out the cold on windy winter days. Installing plastic on large old windows will help keep the cold out as well.

ThermostatThe thermostat is the easiest way to control your energy bill. Turning the heat down by about five degrees when you are away and asleep will definitely help cut costs. During the holiday season, you’ll most likely have some extra company, take advantage of the additional body heat from your guests and turn the temperature down a few degrees.

Bundle upOn especially cold days, consider wearing layers and snuggling up under blankets rather than turning the heat up. This may seem a bit extreme, but adding throws and blankets to your home décor will make it much cozier this season.