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How to Keep Hair out of Your Drain – the Easy Way!

No one enjoys removing wet hair from the shower, tub or bathroom sink – it is one of the most dreaded household chores for most. When you’re in the middle of a shower and the water in the tub continues to rise, you let out a dreaded sigh knowing you’ll have to stick your fingers down the drain and remove hair that has been collecting for the past several months. The best way to avoid digging around the drain for nasty damp hair is to keep your bathroom drains free from hair. Try these five easy ways to keep your shower, tub and sink drains hair free.

The ShroomThis product is a revolutionary bathtub strainer that catches all your hair. Unlike most bathroom strainers, The Shroom actually fits down into the drain collecting the hair and keeping it out of site. To remove the hair, simply pull out the strainer and use a paper towel or your fingers to remove the hair from the strainer. It’s available in five fun different colors and can be purchased on Amazon for only $12.99.

Brush/combBrushing or combing your hair is the easiest and most cost-effective way to keep all that hair from going down the drain. Before you get in the shower, brush or comb your hair to remove all those loose hair strands that would otherwise make their way down the drain. Doing this is absolutely free and is an easy way to keep your shower or tub drain hair free.

Beard KingTired of not only cleaning beard clippings off the counter but also out of the drain? The Beard King is the product for you! Offered in both black and white this product fits like a bib around the neck and has two suction cups at the bottom of the bib that suction to the mirror – catching all of the hair left behind from shaving and trimming. When finished you dump the hair in the garbage or outside. Offered in both black and white, it can be purchased on Amazon for $29.99.

TimelinessIf you have a regular strainer in both your sink and bathtub, you can keep your drains hair free at no cost to you by acting quickly. Either before or after each shower remove the hair from the strainer. After trimming your mustache or beard, do the same thing and empty the hair from the strainer into the garbage. That’s all! No special product needed and it only take a few seconds.

Dog hair trickDuring the winter months, there is no way to avoid bathing your dog than in your bathtub or shower. All that hair is bound to make its way down the drain and cause one serious clog. To prevent this from happening, place a dryer sheet or wash cloth over the drain during the bath and when draining the tub. Both the dryer sheet or wash cloth will prevent all that animal hair from going down the drain. The best part about this trick is its free!