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How to Keep Bathroom Remodeling Costs Down

Keep bathroom remodeling cost down Remodeling your bathroom is an exciting yet expensive project. A complete upgrade can cost you thousands of dollars! Don’t get me wrong, your bathroom is definitely worth updating, but it shouldn’t leave your bank account hurting afterwards. Luckily, there are some great ways you can keep costs down and still have the new bathroom you want.

Tile – Always look for discounts and sales. Going on retailmenot.com you can find coupons for virtually any hardware store and this will save you a decent amount of money. Instead of tiling the walls, consider using it as an accent and tiling different areas such as a strip around the vanity and by the tub or shower.

Vanity – I know, we all want that cute vanity we saw on Pinterest. Instead of buying it from overpriced stores, create it yourself! This can be done by giving your current wooden vanity a makeover with fresh new paint. If you have the tools and the crafty skills, you can even create your own one of a kind vanity from a piece of old furniture you found at the thrift store.

Shower door – Instead of paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars on an expensive glass shower door, opt for a curtain instead. There are tons of shower curtain prints and designs. Go online to Etsy or other websites online if you’re not finding what you like in stores. You can also make your shower look classier by using fancy napkin rings in place of the tradition shower rings.

Mirrors – You can enhance your current bathroom mirror by building a wooden frame around it. There’s no need to buy an expensive framed mirror when there are plenty of “how to” blogs online.

Hardware – If replacing your vanity is not in your budget at all, consider just changing the hardware. There are so many cute drawer knobs and pulls online you’re bound to find a set of hardware that catches your eye.

Paint – For those remodeling on a very strict budget, you can save on your paint. A way to really keep costs down is painting an accent wall in your bathroom rather than painting the whole room. You can buy a quart of paint rather than a whole gallon and still get that pop of color your bathroom needs.