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How to Conceal Your Water Heater and Improve the Layout of Your Home

Depending on where your water heater is located, it can be a huge eye sore in your home! Lucky for some it is housed in utility closets, laundry home or another area of your home where it is out of sight. The rest of us have to deal with not only an eye sore but…

Here are some simple DIY ideas to help you hide your water heater and improve the layout of your home:

  • Shower Curtain– Use a shower curtain or cloth curtain along with curtain rods to hide your water heater! All you’ll need is shower curtain rods that can be mounted to the ceiling, a curved connecting pipe and of course a shower curtain. If you are looking for floor-to-ceiling coverage then make sure to purchase an extra-long curtain.
  • Room Divider– Another option is a decorative room divider. It can easily conceal a water heater. Make sure to measure the height of your water heater so you can purchase a divider that is tall enough to conceal it from head to toe.– Don’t like the color of the divider? Paint it to make it match the room!
  • Door– Some water heaters in small apartments are located in bathrooms and may be partially enclosed. If there is one in your bathroom, a single door could hide it without taking away from the design of your bathroom. Make use of the door and additional decoration by hanging towels or jewelry on it.

Remember, when you are concealing your water heater, it is important to not put materials too close to the water heater. That can restrict air flow and create a fire hazard. Make sure to leave about 8 inches or more between your water heater and the enclosure. Have any other questions about your water heater? Call Gillece today! We offer top-of-the-line, quality replacement water heaters along with full replacement warranty options for 6 years up to a full lifetime!