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How to Clean Your Exhaust Fan in 8 Quick Steps

How to clean your exhaust fan A place in your home that often gets neglected while cleaning is the exhaust fan in the bathroom. Usually located on the ceiling or wall, it’s above eye level and easily forgotten while cleaning. No one ever touches it, so why does it need to be cleaned in the first place? Dust, hair and other particles collect and fill the exhaust fan, causing it to be inefficient. More importantly, a dirty exhaust fan can be a fire hazard. To keep your family and home safe, clean your exhaust fan regularly to ensure a properly functioning and safe exhaust fan.

Step 1: Before you jump the gun and head to the bathroom, make sure the switch is off and turn the fan off at the circuit breaker.Step 2: Remove cover of the exhaust fan. This is held in place by spring metal pins or screws.Step 3: Allow the cover to soak in water with dish soap and scrub if necessary.Step 4: Once the cover is off, you will see a power cord. This power cord is connected to the fan, unplug this cord.Step 5: Carefully remove the fan. This will involve removing any nuts and bolts holding the fan in place. Be sure to watch your eyes as dust is likely to fall while detaching the fan from the ceiling.Step 6: Clean the fan with a damp cloth, disinfectant wipe, or canned air to rid it of all hair, dust and any other small debris.Step 7: Now is the time to clean the actual vent in the wall or ceiling. Using a shop-vac or vacuum attachment, you will be able to get rid of all blockages that have collected.Step 8: That’s it! Now your exhaust fan is all clean and it’s time to put it back in place and have peace of mind that your exhaust fan is working properly and no longer a fire hazard.