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How to Avoid Calling a Plumber on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is less than one week away! You have your turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, corn and potatoes all ready to go for the big day. Now that you have all of your important Thanksgiving food, it seems like there is nothing that could possibly go wrong. Unfortunately, Thanksgiving is one of the most popular days for plumbers.

See what you can do now to avoid calling a plumber on Thanksgiving.

Toilets – One of the main calls plumbers receive on Thanksgiving is overflowing toilets. Try to avoid making this call by keeping a toilet bowl plunger in all bathrooms. Another suggestion is to purchase one or two ply toilet paper for the day. The lower ply will go down the toilet much easier.

Showers – During the holidays, many people are traveling out of town and staying with relatives. If you are hosting some extra guests this Thanksgiving, your shower drain will be collecting extra hair. It would be a good idea to purchase a drain cover for your shower drain. This is a quick and cheap fix that will keep hair from going down your drain and possibly causing a clog.

Kitchen Sink – If you don’t have one already, you need to get a drain stopper. The drain stopper will keep large, unwanted foods from going down your drain. A drain stopper could put a stop to a Thanksgiving disaster. You should also keep an empty bucket under your kitchen sink to catch water in case of a leak.

Garbage Disposal – A clogged garbage disposal is also a common call to plumbers on Thanksgiving. To prevent from having to call a plumber, don’t put any fats, oils, grease, bones, skin or vegetables down your garbage disposal. Keep a trash can nearby and when in doubt, throw it out.

Turn Off – In the unfortunate event that a pipe should burst, it is very important to know how to turn off the water main line. You don’t want your home to flood until your plumber gets there. If your toilet should begin to overflow, learn how to shut off your toilet shut off valve. Learning how to shut off these valves could save your home from more damages.

With the proper preparations your Thanksgiving Day should go off without a hitch. On the off chance you experience a plumbing emergency on Thanksgiving, give Gillece Services a call. We’re open 24/7 and on holidays!