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How Ductwork Can Affect Heating and Cooling Performance

Think about your ductwork as the lungs of your home comfort system, taking air in and delivering it back to rooms from the furnace or air conditioner in order to heat or cool your home. Just as the human body’s lungs have everything to do with breathing, ductwork can impact the performance of air passing through heating and cooling systems in a number of ways. Before the winter season starts and it’s time to turn on the heat, see how you can ensure that your ductwork is in good shape for the best heating performance and efficiency.

Ductwork Design
Duct systems essentially use supply and return air ducts to move air throughout your home. The return air duct takes air from individual rooms to the furnace or AC, where heat is added or removed, and then conditioned air is distributed to rooms through the supply duct. That’s the heat or air conditioning you feel blowing through your home’s air registers.

Proper Duct Installation a Must
The initial installation of ductwork is important; duct systems should be airtight, properly sized, and designed to deliver the right amount of air flow to each room in your home. An improperly installed or poorly maintained system can cause indoor air pollution and/or air leaks. For instance, duct systems that run through the attic or crawlspaces can lose as much as 25 to 40 percent of energy due to air leaks or heat transference. When this happens, you could end up paying hundreds of dollars a year to heat or cool unconditioned places in your home.

Dirty Ductwork
Ductwork can also become dirty from indoor air pollutants and other particles that are found in your home. These may include dust, mold, pet dander, pollen, insects, and skin flakes. When conditioned air passes through dirty ducts, pollutants can follow and be distributed in your indoor air. To deal with dirty ducts, duct cleaning is often recommended to clear out any debris, which can result in improved air flow, less dust in your home, energy savings, and improved heating and cooling performance overall.

Get your ductwork in order before you turn on the heat by checking for air leaks, damage, and debris buildup. Gillece HVAC Technicians can help to restore your duct system so that you can adequately heat and cool your home, save money, and stay as comfortable as possible each and every season.