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Home Water Filtration: High Quality Water Straight From the Sink

water filtration When the weather is hot and you need something to quench your thirst, what do you reach for first? For many, it’s a plastic bottle of water that they may not reuse or recycle. Some people believe that bottled water is safer and better tasting than tap. Others drink tap water without realizing that they might be ingesting a dangerous amount of hazardous chemicals. While bottled water has its conveniences and is a healthy beverage choice, it may not be better quality than tap water, which is often contaminated. This summer, you can have clean, great tasting water right at your kitchen sink- essentially, a limitless supply at your fingertips- without the waste of bottled water or the risks of drinking straight from the tap.

There are a few options to choose from when it comes to home water filtration. Two popular and effective options are Under Sink Systems and Whole House Filters.

Under Sink System:

An Under Sink System is installed- you guessed it- under your kitchen sink, where filtered water is delivered to your cold water faucet. Chlorine, heavy metals, and other contaminants are filtered out to deliver clean, fresh, great tasting water whenever you need it. Not only is it good for drinking water on its own but is also beneficial when cooking or making coffee, tea, or another drink with tap water.

Whole House Filter:

A Whole House Filter has the same benefits for drinking water as an Under Sink System, but with even more advantages for water throughout your home. Water is filtered at every faucet and shower in your home, eliminating bad taste or odor, removing contaminants, and improving water quality as a whole. This type of filter makes water better for showering, laundry, washing dishes, and everything else you use water for, including and aside from drinking.

With home water filtration, you might wonder why you ever drank so many bottles of water before or only drank tap water. You’ll also be helping out the environment, and yourself, if you frequently bought cases of water for the fresh factor. If for convenience, all you need is a reusable bottle and you’re ready to hydrate this summer and take high quality water with you wherever you go in the future.