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Happy Flag Day – 10% Off

Flag Day History and Holiday Special

Before Father’s Day this weekend, you can celebrate the American flag’s “birthday.” Unlike the Fourth of July or Memorial Day, Flag Day isn’t as widely recognized as a holiday in which banks and businesses close, fireworks go off, and people celebrate or commemorate. The day observes the nation’s adoption of the Stars and Stripes on June 14, 1777. It wasn’t until 1949 that National Flag Day was officially designated by President Truman.

Because a giant American flag flies year-round above our office and serves as a symbol for our business, we think it’s worth recognizing Flag Day’s history as well as some facts about the flag we adopted.

Flag Day History

  • In 1885 a Wisconsin teacher, Bernard J. Cigrand, had students write essays about the American flag on June 14th. He continued to advocate for the observance of the flag’s birthday
  • In 1916 President Wilson issued a proclamation for the nationwide observance of Flag Day
  • In 1937 Pennsylvania became the first official state to establish Flag Day as a legal holiday
  • President Truman signed an Act of Congress in 1949 to designate National Flag Day

Gillece American Flag Facts

  • The flag was initially installed at the car dealership that eventually became the Gillece office. Then owner Greg Burgunder installed the flag as a symbol of patriotism post 9/11
  • The flag is raised on a 130-foot pool and measures 30 by 60 feet
  • Made out of a nylon-silk blend like parachutes, the flag is replaced every few months

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