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Halloween Party – Safety Tips

Is your home ready for your Halloween party? Be sure that each room of your house is prepared for some extra guests that will be in your home this Halloween.

Bathroom – More people in your home means more visits to the bathroom. Be prepared and pick up some extra toilet paper rolls. Remember to have them where your guests can easily find them. It is also a good idea to have a plunger nearby. With the higher number of people using your bathroom, the chances for a clog is greater, be prepared for an emergency.

Kitchen – The kitchen can be a dangerous place with a bunch of kiddos running around. Your kitchen can become more child friendly by making sure all knives are placed in drawers and any glass dishes are put away. If you have a knife set that sits on the counter, hide it away during the party in a cupboard.

Livingroom/Dining room – With the colder weather or chance of rain, your living room and dining room will most likely be the center of the party. These rooms can be made safer by removing any glass objects or decorations. Area rugs can also be a safety hazard. If the edge of the rug flips up, someone could trip and fall, It is better to roll them up and place them in a closet for the party. Depending on the age of the children at the party, it would also be a good idea to remove coffee tables with sharp edges or ones made out of glass.

Stairs – With children running amuck around your home, the stairs can be a major safety risk. Simply placing a baby gate in front of the stairs can avoid some painful disasters. This is a definite must if there will be any toddlers at your party.

Backyard – Your backyard can also be a dangerous place for children at your party. Prepare for the safety of your guests by picking up any sticks, branches or rocks that might be lying around. Also check your lawn for any holes in the ground and fill them with soil. Make sure all of your outdoor furniture is prepared and hasn’t rotted. On wicker furniture, check to see that there are no holes or sharp pieces sticking out.

These safety tips will allow you and your guests to have more spooky Halloween fun at your party.