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Gilley’s Stories – Smart House

Hi friends, it’s Gilley here with some more tips about how to be more comfortable in our home! Ever see the movie Smart House? Well some of the technology from that home is quickly becoming realistic. (Subtract the part about the Personalized Applied Technology taking over the home!) You probably have a smart phone or even a smart TV so why not transfer that over to your home? A smart house can save you money on bills and even make your home a more comfortable environment to live in. Don’t worry; the process is easier than you think!Here are some quick tips on you can use to make your home’s value and comfort levels go up!Automatic Lighting

  • Ever come home late at night and struggle to find the light switch in the dark? Why not get automatic lighting on your stairs or corridors that switch on when someone walks through and turns off when no more movement is sensed.
  • Lights can also be set to have a daylight sensor that can activate when it’s dark out (night fall, rainy weather, foggy, etc.)
  • To be environmentally friendly (and save you some money) we suggest LEDs!

Door Locks

  • Who needs keys when you can have a smart door system? You can now unlock a door using either your smartphone or a fob. You can even create “virtual” keys for friends, family, pet sitter, etc. that only activate at certain times.


  • A smart thermostat will learn what temperatures you like throughout the day and automatically adjust based on whether you’re home or not (motion sensors). You can change it and monitor it directly from your smartphone.

Home Security Monitoring

  • If you are worried about home security, one device that you might want to think about purchasing is a motion sensor camera. There are even some technologies that allow you to watch your home in real time via a smart phone app.

With technology always advancing there are bound to be even more ways to add to your home in the near future!