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Gilley the Parrot Wants to Keep Water out of Your Home

Gillece Services’ Gilley the Parrot Wants to Keep Water Out of Your Home with Gillece Waterproofing Services

Gillece Services’ Macaw parrot mascot, Gilley, wants to know if you have ever experienced unwanted water in your home and the possible consequences of water damage. Gilley knows that water damage can often be irreversible and costly; he also knows that it can be avoided! He’s one smart bird! Waterproofing solutions for your home are available through Gillece Waterproofing Services. Our specialists are skilled at determining your waterproofing needs and offering appropriate solutions, and Gilley can help you to understand what waterproofing is all about.

Gilley knows that water can enter your home from a number of sources, including groundwater and rainfall. It may accumulate around the perimeter of your home and seep inside. This can cause puddles on the floor and damp spots on the wall. Gilley recognizes that when dampness is present inside the home, side effects are sure to come, such as pesky bugs, mold and mildew, and furniture damage. Water can also rot wood, rust metal, and destroy laminated finishes, not to mention ruin items inside your home that can’t be fixed or replaced. The best way to ensure the protection of your home and the valuable items inside is through waterproofing to keep water out.

Gillece Services offers Indoor and Outdoor Waterproofing Solutions for your home’s specific needs. Gilley also recommends scheduling a Free Expert Waterproofing Estimate in which a Gillece Waterproofing Specialist does a thorough evaluation of your outside grounds and basement to determine where water is coming from and how it can best be kept at bay. Indoor and Outdoor Waterproofing Systems include the use of a French Drain or Sump Pump. Both systems work to collect unwanted water around your home and to redirect its flow to a designated location a safe distance away. Not only is your home free of potential moisture and leaks, but your home’s foundation is also protected from possible detriment due to water damage. Gilley knows your home is one of the most important things to you! Waterproofing is a way to protect your home inside and out and to prevent the potential loss of your valuable and irreplaceable items.

Just as Gilley says, you should “Call Gillece!” We are “Always Here to Take Your Call!” That means 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year- evenings, weekends, and holidays. If you experience a waterproofing emergency or want to schedule a waterproofing estimate, give us a call! We serve our customers all around the Pittsburgh area where Gilley resides, including Allegheny, Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, Washington and Westmoreland Counties. Wherever you live, Gillece is close to you.

For over 30 years, Gillece Services has been the Pittsburgh area’s one-stop-shop for Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Electrical, Indoor Air Quality, Water Quality, and Pittsburgh Waterproofing services – emergency, maintenance, and replacement.