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Gilley the Parrot Cares About the Quality of Your Indoor Air

Gilley the parrot cares about your indoor air quality Gillece Services’ colorful and loveable Macaw parrot mascot, Gilley, wants to alert Gillece customers and Pittsburgh area residents about the concern over indoor air pollution. The air Gilley breathes and lives in is especially important to his health and wellbeing, and the same goes for you! Indoor air pollution has been listed as one of the top five environmental dangers to the public, and it can be anywhere from two to five times higher than outdoor air pollution. Gilley spends the majority of his time indoors, and he requires well-controlled, clean, and ventilated air. Gillece Services offers home air filtration systems for increasing the quality of indoor air throughout your entire home, helping customers, and Gilley, to breathe easier.

Gillece Services believes clean air should be a necessity, not a luxury. The effects of indoor air pollution are vast and can potentially be quite harmful to your health. Pollutants in indoor air can affect people with allergies and asthma and trigger their symptoms. Indoor air pollution can also potentially worsen existing health conditions and cause illness or disease. Gilley never wants to see a Gillece customer possibly suffering from the effects of indoor air pollution. He wants to offer solutions for reducing the existence of contaminants in the air, such as through the use of home air filtration systems. Airborne contaminates include allergens, dust mites, pesticides, pollen, and bacteria- none of which Gilley ever wants to inhale! Pet dander and tobacco smoke can also pollute the air. That’s why Gilley is regularly groomed and cleaned and stays away from cigarettes and smokers. Gilley loves having clean air and he wants you to have it, too!

Home air filtration systems installed by Gillece Services help to reduce and eliminate pollutants and to deliver clean, purified air throughout your home. Gillece Indoor Air Quality Services offers home air filtration systems as well as purifiers and humidifiers that work in their own way to help get rid of potentially dangerous infectious particles. Home air filtration systems work to collect particles through the use of high efficiency filters that allow for clean air to flow through. Air Purifiers use ultraviolet lamps in ductwork to mock nature’s own process for controlling and eliminating potentially harmful bacteria and toxins. Humidifiers balance out humidity levels in your home to help control the spread of infectious particles. Gilley recommends having your air assessed by a Gillece Services Technician and finding a product or solution that works for you. Gillece and Gilley want you and your family to have exceptional air quality for exceptional quality living and breathing. Call Gillece!

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