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Gilley Says, “Take a Peek at My IPOD Playlist!"

Take a peek of Gilley's ipod playlist Gilley shares songs from his iPod that he likes to listen to for fun and inspiration.

Ever wondered what Gilley listens to on his iPod? We have! When we took a peek at Gilley’s playlist, we found that a lot of his songs have a common theme. Here are five of Gilley’s favorites that he wanted to share with you:

“Cry Me a River” -Justin Timberlake

“Bridge Over Troubled Water” -Simon and Garfunkel

“I Can’t Stand the Rain” -Ann Peebles

“Shark in the Water” –V V Brown

“Don’t Drink the Water” -Dave Matthews Band

Notice anything similar? Other than an eclectic taste in music, Gilley really likes songs about water! Gilley loves water, from drinking it to swimming in it, and he is passionate about clean, safe water for drinking, showering, cooking, cleaning, etc. He also knows about the damaging effects that can come from unwanted water entry, so he takes a proactive approach towards preventing water damage in his home through waterproofing. Gilley’s songs relay an important message about water: while it’s one of our greatest natural gifts, it can bring about potential dangers and negative consequences. Fortunately, there are things we can all do to manage our water in order to fully enjoy it.

Gillece has all of the solutions you need for any water problem you might have- hard water, unfiltered water, water damage, etc. We provide and install water filtration systems, water softeners, waterproofing systems, and more. We love our water but we need it to be safe, clean, and controlled. If Gilley’s playlist has inspired you, call Gillece!

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