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Gillece Congratulates South Hills Tech Teams

Gillece congratulates tech-no-logic team Back in September, Gillece became a sponsor of a FIRST Tech Team in the South Hills, team Tech-No-Logic, comprised of eighth and ninth grade students who came together to learn about robotics and design one of their own for competitions. Students throughout the area attended a FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) in August where Tech-No-Logic was formed along with team A.I.R., two of the first FTC robotics teams in the South Hills.

On January 11th, Tech-No-Logic attended a Rookie FTC Regional Tournament and placed 4th out of 26 teams. We were proud to learn of their progress and accomplishment as they went on to compete in a FIRST Tech Challenge the following weekend.

Check out their article in the Patch and learn how you can become a sponsor of a local robotics teams. Congratulations to teams Tech-No-Logic and A.I.R.!