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Get Ready for Another Hot Summer Pittsburgh

A mild winter should mean a mild summer, right? WRONG! Unfortunately, El Nino has other plans for us yinzers this summer. If you thought last summer was hot, brace yourself, this summer is predicted to be even warmer and longer.

On average, we’re still wearing jackets in April and into early May since Pittsburgh usually doesn’t begin to get real hot until June. Well prepare for a much earlier summer with dry and hot weather beginning in May. Even mid to late April you could find yourself in shorts and a tank top.

When it comes to El Nino, there isn’t really an average temperature. El Nino is most known for its drastic changes, as you could tell from this past winter – 60 degrees one day and 20 degrees just a few days later. It is safe to say you can expect a decent range in temperatures this summer but mostly very hot days. When it comes to spring, there is no telling just yet how much rain there will be. These early warm and dry months will also have affect agriculture, so if you like to plant fruits and vegetables – it’s a good idea to plan ahead and be prepared for the early hot weather.

This early warm weather will have a major impact on your AC unit and you better hope you have a reliable system. Since the weather will be heating up at the end of April and reach its hottest in May, you’ll be using your AC unit longer this summer. Typically Pittsburgh doesn’t get hot until June, so the additional month of air conditioning weather means you’ll be consuming more energy to keep your home cool, which will raise your utility bills.

With the heat and summer coming much sooner this year, make sure you schedule an AC tune-up and be assured that your AC unit is prepared for the heat wave.

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