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Garbage Disposal Tips

Goblins, vampires and ghosts, oh my! This season is full of things that go bump in the night, but the scariest thing to fear this Halloween isn’t a creature with fangs; it’s a clogged garbage disposal! With all the new foods and recipes that come with the fall season, it is easy to forget what not to put down the garbage disposal.

Let these tips serve as a reminder of what to not put down the garbage disposal and save you from a plumbing disaster.

Stringy Foods – Although October means pumpkin flavored everything that is not the case for your garbage disposal. Stringy and starchy foods are not good for your garbage disposal and should go directly in the trash.

Liquids – That’s right, there are even certain liquids that should not go down your garbage disposal. Grease and oil is extremely bad for your garbage disposal and can cause some serious clogs. Store grease and oil in an old can or glass container and dispose in trash.

Pasta and Rice – Despite the fact pasta and rice are soft, it doesn’t mean they will go down the garbage disposal easily.

Fruit Pits or Seeds – If you’re not interested in baking your pumpkin seeds, be sure to ditch them in the trash. Seeds and fruit pits are not good for your garbage disposal.

Fat and Bones – Fat and any type of animal bone belongs in the trash, not the garbage disposal.

Egg Shells and Coffee Grounds – These items might stink up your trash bin, but that doesn’t mean they belong in your garbage disposal.

The additional cooking you may be doing this fall might fill but your garbage faster so it might be a wise idea to purchase some additional trash bags. If you are questioning if it should go down the garbage disposal, be safe and throw it in the trash. Be haunted by scary movies and haunted houses this Halloween, not a clog disaster.