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Five Things to Keep in Your Car During the Winter

Things to keep in your car during winter Ice, slush and blizzards can make for some extremely hazardous driving conditions. The winter weather can often be unpredictable and come without warning. Make sure you’re prepared for any situation should you get stranded in your vehicle this winter season.

Blanket/sleeping bagThe winters in PA can be unpredictable and you never know when you could get stranded for a few hours in bad weather. Unless you want your car battery to go dead, you can’t have the heat running the entire time. Keep a warm blanket or a sleeping bag in your car during the winter to keep warm in the car until you’re rescued. Salt/kitty litterThis is a must have if you find yourself off the road or stuck. The salt or kitty litter is a great use for traction and could save you from waiting hours for help. ShovelA child’s size shovel fits discretely in your trunk and can seriously help you out if you find yourself in a bind. You can shovel your way out of a snow bank and get back on the road in no time! FlareFlares are a great way to get the attention of other drivers. If you’ve gone off the road or had an accident in a dangerous area, a few flares will not only warn other drivers and attract assistance but can also help prevent another accident. Phone chargerShould you get stuck or have an accident, your cell phone is a must have tool to call for help and you can’t do that with a dead battery. Keep a spare charger in the glove box for emergency uses – it could save your life.