Pittsburgh Dedicated Circuit Services

Does your appliance trip a circuit breaker every time it turns on? Call us today for dedicated circuit installation.

Devices that draw too much power can trip breakers, blow fuses, and even damage the wiring in your Pittsburgh, PA home. Our electricians at Gillece Services are ready to help you avoid these electrical system troubles by installing circuits dedicated to your appliances.

Make sure your circuits are running efficiently with our whole-house safety inspection service.

How Dedicated Circuits Work

A dedicated circuit is a circuit in your electrical box that is set aside to provide power to a specific outlet or appliance.  By dedicating energy to a single purpose, these circuits allow your appliances to use the energy required for operation without the risk of tripping a circuit breaker or overloading the electrical system.

These circuits also provide “double pole” protection that prevents the device from drawing too much power and starting an electrical fire.

Types of Dedicated Circuits and Installation

If you live in an older Pittsburgh home, you may have too few circuits to keep up with the demands of your modern appliances. To avoid risks such as damage to your appliances, increased energy costs, and loss of power, you should install at least a few dedicated circuits.

Choosing the right type of dedicated circuit for your appliance is also important. A dedicated circuit that is too large will waste energy and money, and incorrect wire size or amperage could result in overheating or even an electrical fire.

Smaller devices, including toaster ovens and coffee makers, can use 20-AMP dedicated circuits to run without the risk of tripping a breaker. For devices that are larger and have significant power demands, such as water heaters, you need a 30- to 50-AMP dedicated circuit.

If you still have problems with your breakers even after installing a dedicated circuit, try our electrical panel repair services.

When Is a Dedicated Circuit Necessary?

According to the National Electrical Code, every large appliance should have a dedicated circuit separate from other appliances. Any major device that is fixed or has a motor usually needs a dedicated circuit to avoid tripping breakers or causing safety problems.

Here are some examples of appliances that should have a dedicated circuit:

  • Air conditioning and heating units
  • Saunas
  • Electric ranges
  • Central vacuums
  • Refrigerators
  • Wall ovens
  • Large microwaves
  • Sump pumps
  • Water pumps

You should also make sure you have dedicated circuits in specific areas of your home where you are likely to use multiple smaller appliances at once. This includes kitchen counters, bathrooms, and garages. Our experts can help you assess your electrical system's needs and suggest the best dedicated circuit solutions.

When you need dedicated circuits in your Pittsburgh home, you can rely on Gillece Services. Call us today at 412-831-6199 to ensure your electrical system can keep up with your appliances.