Pittsburgh Code Compliance Repairs

Fix code violations before the inspector visits. Call us for reliable electrical repairs today!

If you plan to sell your property in Pittsburgh, PA, start new construction, or just want to make sure your electrical system meets modern safety standards, you need to ensure that you comply with the National Electrical Code. You can rely on our certified and insured electricians at Gillece Services to make sure that you do. When you call, ask how our Service Partner Program can help keep your home's electrical system operating safely.

Do you have faulty electrical outlets that could end up as potential hazards and code violations? Take advantage of our outlet repair services.

Common Code Compliance Issues

Many home and business owners only worry about electrical code violations when getting ready to sell their property, but these violations are often indicators of safety hazards in your home or commercial property. The following are common issues that could cause your property to be reported for code compliance violations:

  • Damaged cables
  • Safety violations
  • Incorrectly sized wiring
  • Poorly connected cables
  • Incomplete electrical projects
  • Electrical hardware upgrades
  • Faulty or unskilled electrical repairs

If you notice any of these issues, get in touch with our team as soon as possible. We can fix them before they cause you to fail an inspection or damage you or your property. We realize that these repairs are time-sensitive because of inspections and potential safety hazards. That's why our technicians complete your repair quickly.

Pass Pittsburgh Occupancy Inspections

All commercial and residential property owners in Pittsburgh are subject to inspections to verify their electrical systems meet national and regional standards. If the inspector finds and reports any code violations, they have the authority to shut down access to the building, which is particularly disruptive for businesses.

Before your Occupancy Inspection, you can take a simple step to avoid unnecessary violations—call us. We’ll make sure that your ground wires are tied together in each of your outlets or electrical boxes and that your other cables are secured correctly. We’ll also cover all your wires with wire nuts, plug all holes in electrical receptacles, and fire block holes between wiring passages.

Let our experienced certified electricians help you find and fix code compliance violations with a comprehensive electrical inspection.

Make Your Home or Business Safer

In addition to keeping your electrical system up to industry standards, compliance with the National Electric Code ensures your electrical repairs and installations are safe. These safety standards are constantly changing to keep up with the rapid growth of technology and new safety standard definitions.

Our electricians at Gillece Services are extensively trained to keep up with any changes to national, regional, and local compliance codes to make sure that your building is safe and passes any inspections. Contact us so we can thoroughly inspect your property for violations and repair them if necessary before any official inspections, construction work, or property sales.

Make sure your Pittsburgh property complies with the National Electric Code today. Call our certified electricians from Gillece Services at 412-831-6199.