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Easy, Cost-Effective Ways to Improve the Air Circulation in Your Home

Improve air circulation in your home Summer is not a time you want to have poor air circulation in your home – especially on those heavy, humid days. Think you need to have central air to improve the air circulation in your home? Think again! There are several easy and cost-effective ways you can improve and increase the air circulation in your home this summer.

Fresh airOne of the most effective and easiest ways to increase the air circulation in your home is to take advantage of the natural fresh air outside. On days when the temperature is just perfect outside, open your doors and windows. Not only will the wind flowing through your home improve the air circulation, but it will also add a nice fresh scent. Before opening any doors or windows, be sure the window screens are pulled down and the screen door is tightly shut to prevent any pesky bugs from easily entering.

FansUtilize all ceiling fans and regular fans in your home. Ceiling fans are great at keeping the airflow in your home moving. You can also rotate the direction of the ceiling fan – during the summer you’ll want to make sure the fan is moving counter-clockwise so it will push the air down on you. Placing floor fans throughout your home will also keep air flowing which keep the air in your home from feeling stagnate. Window fans are also a great option that can be used to both remove hot air from your home and push cool fresh air into your home depending on the direction you have the fan moving.

Exhaust FansBe sure to use the exhaust fans in both the kitchen and the bathroom. The heat and moister created from both showering and cooking makes the air feel heavy. Utilizing the exhaust fans will pull the additional moister and heat out of your home which will improve the air circulation.