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Decorating Ideas to Compliment Your Remodeled Kitchen

Remodeling your kitchen is a big job, but the worst is over! Now comes the fun part, decorating. Your kitchen is a blank canvas and you are the artist free to do whatever your heart desires! A common problem when decorating is, not knowing where to start. To help you sort all of your many ideas, use these helpful tips as a guide of where to begin.

Color – There are many different routes you can take when choosing a color scheme for you kitchen. Brown and tan colored cabinets look best with earthy tones such as light green. If you want a bold color in your kitchen such as red or blue, opt for white cabinets to contrast the color. Backsplash has become very popular fairly recently and is a great way to add a pop of color to a classic white kitchen.

Lighting – Your kitchen can say a lot with lighting, but you want to make sure it serves its main purpose first – lighting your work space. Use strip lights under cabinets and a light over the island to add proper lighting to where you’ll be preparing food. Make use of up lighting to add accent lighting to your kitchen to accentuate pieces of art, backsplashes or glassware in cabinets. People are using their kitchen for more than just cooking; it is also used for entertaining. For this purpose, feel free to add some decorative fixtures that go with the style of your kitchen, just make sure it’s the appropriate size for the space you have and bulbs be out of site. The one mistake you don’t want to make with your kitchen lighting is to use one centered overhead light to illuminate the entire kitchen.

Furniture – Depending on how much space you have, adding furniture to your kitchen can be a little tricky. For smaller kitchens, you might want to consider a breakfast nook or only two chairs at your island table. If your kitchen has plenty of space, you can also make the mistake of cluttering it. Just because there is a lot of space, doesn’t mean you need to fill it. Remember what your kitchen is for – preparing meals. You don’t want too many things in your way when cooking.