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Decorating a Rental – Making It Yours Without Breaking the Rules

Making a rental actually feel like home can be a little difficult. You want to make the space your own, but the lease has so many rules and it isn’t a forever home. You should be able to feel comfortable and be at home in your rental – you’re paying rent and utilities after all! Feel at home in no time with these great easy fixes you can do to your rental that aren’t breaking the rules and most importantly, aren’t time consuming.


  • Paint – If your landlord allows you to paint the walls, just remember, 9 times out of 10 you will have to paint them back when you move out. When painting your rental, remember to stick with light neutral colors – they can easily be painted over without needing primer.
  • Wall paper – Today there is some awesome temporary wall paper with a variety of colors and designs. It sticks on and peels off easily.
  • Decor – Nothing will make your rental more you than putting your favorite photos and pieces of art on the walls. If you want to avoid nail holes, 3M hooks work great and won’t leave any marks behind.

Floors – Area and throw rugs allow you to add personality to a room. They are also great for covering up stains or ugly carpet in rentals. They will also protect the floor and keep your security deposit safe.

Windows – Nobody likes the vertical blinds in rentals. Pull the vertical blinds all the way up and put curtains over them. The curtains will add more color and pull the room together.


  • Lamps – If you’re not fond of the harsh overhead lighting in your new rental, use lamps instead! Lamps come in all shapes and sizes – you’re bound to find a unique piece that fits the room perfectly.
  • Fixtures – There’s nothing that says you have to use the lighting fixtures that come with your rental. Replace them with your own fixtures and make sure you keep the original fixtures so you can put them back on when you leave.

Kitchen & bathroom – Add uniqueness and color to your kitchen and bathroom with temporary tiles. These tiles work great for creating backsplash!

Hardware – Nix the plain hardware handles in the kitchen, bathroom and on closets. Exchange them with your own style. Again, keep original hardware together in a bag to make switching them back when you move a whole lot easier.

Cabinet liners – Cabinet liners will hide dirty or worn cabinets while also protecting your security deposit.

Furniture – Furniture is the best way to make your rental feel more like home. If you’re tight on space, try to use furniture that can do two jobs, a couch that is a sofa bed, an end table with hidden storage or a coffee table with drawers. You can also find great pieces at thrift stores, yard sales and flea markets.

Plants – Adding green to your rental will give it more color and create a natural freshness. Either real or fake, they will enhance your space and you don’t need to worry about taking them with you when you leave.