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Cooling Conundrum: Why Your Air Conditioner May Not Turn On

When temperatures and humidity rise, and open windows and ceiling fans won’t cut it anymore, you’re probably ready to turn on your central air to cool down your home. But when you go to do so, nothing happens. What could be keeping your air conditioner from turning on?

1.    Thermostat Trouble
It was a long, cold winter, so make sure your thermostat is actually set to cool now that you need air instead of heat. You never know if the settings have been changed accidentally or if there is some other connection problem, either. There could be a wiring issue between your air conditioner and thermostat, or a blocked signal if your thermostat is wireless. In some cases, you may be in need of a new thermostat altogether.

2.    No Electricity
Have you ever turned on a lamp but it wouldn’t light up, so you changed the bulb only to discover it was never plugged in the first place? Your unresponsive air conditioner might be in the same boat. Check your breaker first to make sure it hasn’t tripped, or that a fuse hasn’t blown. If you notice the breaker trips frequently, call a professional to figure out why. Also check that switches within your system are turned on, in both interior and exterior units. Otherwise, you may be facing a more complicated problem such as a bad capacitor or damaged wire and will need an HVAC technician to figure out what’s wrong.

3.    Broken System
In the event that your air conditioner has bit the dust and it’s time to get a new system, many new, high-efficiency models can provide better performance than your old unit. But for cooling you can count on for a longer period of time from the start, it’s important to keep up with air conditioning maintenance. Regular AC cleaning, tune-ups, inspections, and air filter replacement help to prolong the life of the equipment, provide better cooling, and prevent problems and premature breakdown- including your air not turning on the first hot day of the season!