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Common Summer Plumbing Problems to Lookout For

Summer plumbing problemsSummer is best described as relaxed chaos. The kids are home from school for three months, days are spent lying under the sun and nights bring sounds of laughter with friends on the patio. Your plumbing, however, doesn’t experience the same relaxing days as you might. With sunny days come clogged toilets, disposals and sewer lines, and out-of-order washing machines. Be aware of the plumbing problems that can go wrong in your home during the summer and take precautions to ensure yourself a stress-free summer.

Clogged disposal – During the summer months, you have extra food on hand for the kids and you might be spending your evenings and weekends hosting cookouts. All this excess food will give your garbage disposal a workout and increase the chances of it becoming clogged.

Sewer line backups – April showers indeed bring May flowers, but all that excess rain can do some major damage. All the rain can cause the ground to become saturated and the rainwater finds its way into your pipes which can cause nasty sewer line clogs.

Clogged toilets – Now that the kids are home all day, your toilet will be getting a lot more useful than usual. This extra usage can result in some serious clogs if too much toilet paper is used or if things that shouldn’t go down the toilet are being flushed.

Sprinkler problems – Sprinkler systems only get used about 3 to 4 months out of the year. During the months they aren’t being used, they are exposed to the natural elements and experience wear and tear. Sprinkler systems can leak which can cause a very high water bill and even kill your grass.

Washer issues – With the kids at home there’s no doubt you’ll be doing a few more loads of laundry than usual. Your washer can experience some issues, particularly with the hose leaking.

Plumbing problems can really put a damper on your day. For any plumbing problems, you should experience this summer, call Gillece and get back to relaxing.