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Common Heating Problems in Older Homes

Hello! It’s your favorite parrot Gilley back again! Today I’m here to give you some great heating tips on cold old houses. If you live in an old home, there is probably something that you’ve noticed during cold weather – your home always seems to be chilly. Believe me, I hate the cold as much as anyone and it make me miss my home’s tropical weather. Before you decide to relocate to Bermuda – try these helpful tips to keep your old home, and most importantly you, warm this winter and winters to come.

InsulationMany older homes were not built or designed for insulation. This can obviously cause your home to be very cold. You may want to add insulation to your home or even consider replacing what is already there. If you are concerned about damaging your home with the wrong insulation, consider consulting with a professional.

DraftsOlder homes tend to be very drafty. Walking by the window or a certain spot on the floor can feel absolutely freezing. You can make your home significantly warmer by blocking out these cold drafts and keeping your warm air in:

  • Draft door stopper – This will keep that icy air you feel on your feet away. You can purchase a draft stopper made from fleece or install a door sweep. The door sweep will be more of a permanent solution, but both will keep cold air from seeping through the space underneath your door.
  • Plastic your windows – Large windows are very beautiful, but a lot of your heat can escape from them as well. Keep your heat in by putting plastic over your windows. Even shrink wrap will help you keep your heat in.
  • Caulk windows and doors – Over time, caulk wears down opening cracks which allow cold air to enter your home. Re-caulking cracks around your windows and doors will keep you and your family much warmer this winter.
  • Area rugs – If your floors seem to be cold to the touch no matter how high the thermostat is, consider investing in some large area rugs. These rugs will help prevent the cold air from the floor affecting the overall chilliness of your house.

Blocked sunIf your curtains or blinds are constantly shut, you are keeping the sun and it’s warmth out of your home. Take advantage of the sun during the day and open up your curtains, shades and blinds. The warmth from the sun will help warm up your home during the day. At night, be sure to cover your windows to keep the sun’s warmth in and the cold night air out.