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Common Floor Drain Problems

Floor drain issues can be problematic in many ways. There can be foul smells, backup and even insects making themselves at home. The problem with floor drain issues in our home is that many times we don’t notice them until the problem is severe.  Floor drains can be found around water heaters, basements, kitchen, laundry rooms and bathrooms.  Once you access the problem, there are many simple solutions to fix it.

So you noticed a foul odor coming from the floor drain. What do you do?
Plumbing issues are the main culprit when it comes to floor drain odors.  Drains are built with a trap that is designed to be filled with water to block sewer and methane gases from going upward.  The drain could have a P-trap or a pitch and can dry out allowing the odor from the sewer to travel up into the piping and into the air we breathe. One solution to this problem is to pour water down the floor drain in order to keep the trap from drying.  Another solution that might be the answer is pouring an enzymatic chemical down the floor drain.  This chemical will eat the bacteria to control the smell of sewer gases.

What might be grosser than a foul odor?  BUGS!
Anything from cockroaches to flies can creep up our floor drains.  Even when our drains are kept moist, they can become breeding grounds for insect larvae. Although pricey, there are some chemicals that eliminate the organic material that might be on the inside of the pipe.

What can be worse than bugs? Backflow!
This is the worst case scenario when it comes to floor drains.  A heavy rain storm can allow waste from municipal sewers to back up the line and flow into your basement.  Beside the backup being disgusting, it is also a serious health hazard.  If you have a backflow prevent gate installed, you can stop the waste water before it gets into your home.

Are you unsure of your problem or want a second opinion? It’s a great idea to have your plumbing inspected periodically to decrease your chance of problems in the future.  Your drain and sewer lines are the key inner and underground pipelines that link to all other functionality and operations of your home’s plumbing system.  If you are seeing problems with your floor drain, call us today.  Gillece Services’ plumbing equipment includes industry-best, high-quality cameras, monitors and locators.