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Cleaning Rim Jets 101

If you have a toilet that is more than 10 years old you might notice that your toilet isn’t working as well as it used to. Over time, toilets can become slow when it comes to flushing and have problems completely removing waste from the toilet with just one flush. In most cases, the result of this can be due to a clog, root infested pipes or an issue with the flapper. However, a commonly overlooked cause of a slow flushing toilet is clogged rim jets.

The rim jets are located around the entire inside rim of the toilet. When you flush the toilet, clean water from inside the tank flows from the overflow pipe inside the tank and out the rim jets. The rim jets not only help with flushing the toilet but with cleaning the inside of the toilet with fresh water.

Over time, these rim jets can become clogged by minerals in the water or other debris. This happens more frequently for those who use well water as there tends to be more minerals in the water which cause sediment buildup that is also common in shower heads.

To inspect the rim jets, you can simply use a small mirror to view the inside of the toilet. Should you see any limescale or discoloration of any kind, your rim jets are clogged and need to be cleaned for proper function. There’s no need for rubber gloves, scrubbing and harsh chemicals, you can naturally clean the rim jets with white vinegar.

Bring about one cup of white vinegar to a boil on the stove and allow it to stop boiling. Using a funnel, carefully pour the hot white vinegar down the overflow pipe (often a white tube that is located inside the toilet tank). The vinegar will sit within the rim – allow it to sit for about an hour or so.

After one hour, use a small Allan wrench and move around the entire rim jet to loosen the limescale. Be careful as to not scratch the porcelain, slow and steady is key here. Once you’ve gone around to each rim jet, flush the toilet and your rim jets should be clog and sediment buildup free and thus functioning like new once again.

If you’re not a DIY type of guy or gal, no worries, call Gillece and we’ll be happy to solve any plumbing problems you’re experiencing!