Gilley’s Stories: How to Make Your Bathroom Safer

Gilley's iPod playlistHi guys, it’s your favorite parrot Gilley here to talk about bathroom safety!  There are many things in the bathroom that can be considered safety hazards.  Here are some tips so that you can make your bathroom safer and easier to use:


  • To avoid slipping or falling, add a non-skid bath rug
  • Thinking about renovating your bathroom? Get slip-resistant tiles, rubber or vinyl flooring or even install wall-to-wall carpeting


  • Install the highest wattage bulbs so you can see better
  • Get a plug-in nightlight that automatically turns on when the room gets dark


  • Does your tub get slippery? Buy a rubber suction-grip mat or put down adhesive nonskid tape on the shower floor.
  • If you are worried about falling in the shower, install a screw or bolt-mounted curtain rod so that if you lose your balance and grab the shower curtain, the rod won’t fall or get loose.
  • Although bathrooms can house a lot of electrical appliances, make sure to keep them far away from the bathtub. If they fall into a tub or sink filled with water, it can cause electrocution.

Water Temperature

  • Many water heaters are set to 140 degrees that can burn in your skin in just seconds. In order to reduce the risk of burns, set the water heater to 120 degrees instead.
  • Remodeling your home? It is suggested to install an anti-scald valve for your shower/bathtub.  The valves come in two types. Thermostatic can be pricey but are found in many luxury shower systems.  It can sense the temperature.  The other type, pressure-balanced, can sense pressure changes.

Do you have small children?  Make sure to install safety devices such as toilet locks and tub spout pads.  Also lock away dangerous products like prescription medicine and cleaning products.  Make sure to also never leave a small child unattended!  Children can drown within minutes in even 1-2 inches of water.  They are also more sensitive to burns and can fall more easily in the shower.

The elderly are also more susceptible to losing their balance in the shower.  Make sure to follow the tips to decrease the chance of falling or even hitting their head in the bathroom.

Thanks for listening!  Check back next time for more of my tips!