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Before Air Conditioning: 6 Ways to Keep Your Cool

Ways to keep your cool Imagine a sticky hot summer, with the sun burning down, the air thick and damp, and it only takes a few seconds of being outside before you feel like you’re going to melt. Now imagine that when you’re in the midst of this kind of heat wave, you have nowhere to go to escape and cool down, because air conditioning doesn’t exist.

How would you keep cool?

Take the Plunge
Submerging yourself in water may be your best bet to beat the heat. Back in the day, during super-hot summers, beaches were so crowded you could hardly see any sand let alone find a place to sit.

Ice Cloth
How about a sheet of cloth soaked in ice water to stay cool? When used with a fan, you could keep a room pretty cool. But, you would need a ton of ice for continuous comfort, and you would still be dealing with humidity.

Summer Siesta
Because you might feel like passing out when you’re really hot, sleeping might be your best option with no way to cool down. That’s what people used to do during the middle of hot days when they didn’t have AC.

Ice Cream
Forget an ice cream truck. Vendors used to sell sugar-coated ice chips on the streets for a cool treat.

Trolley Ride
An open trolley that allows some air in makes for a way to kill a couple of hours while catching a breeze. You don’t have to have anywhere to go.

Night Out
At night, grab your mattress and take it outside to sleep. It might not have cooled down that much, but the lack of sun and open air will likely feel better than a stuffy house.Before air conditioning, people resorted to these types of activities, or lack thereof, to keep cool. Now, with air conditioning in homes, offices, stores, restaurants, and everywhere in between, it can be downright chilly indoors even while outside temperatures soar. AC has helped us to stay comfortable as well as safe during times of extreme heat.

With air conditioning to keep your home and family cooled down this summer, make sure your system continues to work properly and operate efficiently. For all of your cooling needs, we are open 24/7, 365 days a year. Call Gillece!